DataLife HIS

Cloud Hospital Information System

Thanks to its unique functions, DataLife HIS simplifies the daily operations of every health institution.


DataLife HIS is a fully integrated health information system, focused on supporting decisions at all levels. It is a new, flexible, efficient and technologically advanced solution for private or public health institutions.

The functions of the programme are divided into modules and cover the needs of every employee, including receptionists, physicians, nurses and managers. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the errors and the time taken to carry out daily tasks is significantly reduced.

Today, DataLife HIS is implemented in many facilities, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, general and specialist hospitals, all over the country.



Electronic Medical Records

Decision support

Customizable for every need


Interoperability with third-party systems

User-friendly interface

Cloud technology

Data security

High-speed response


In- and out- patient management

In- and out- patient management

Handles patient admissions and discharges, billing, bed allocation etc.

Financials, billing and credit tracking

Financials, billing and credit tracking

Streamlines the core finance operations, captures new growth opportunities and detects revenue leaks.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

Elaborated by nurses, physicians and other paramedical personnel, it gathers all patient health-related information.

Inventory and pharmacy management

Inventory and pharmacy management

Keeps track of each and every inventory item by monitoring and recording all dispenses and purchases.

Statistics and reporting

Statistics and reporting

Provides actionable insights into the healthcare facility's operational performance.


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