Hospital Information System

Thoughtfully designed to simplify routine tasks, support decisions and minimise the likelihood of human error. Its flexibility of customisation meets your personalised needs.

Redefining Hospital Management

DataLife is a hospital information system designed to support the management of healthcare institutions, regardless of specialty. It covers all aspects of operations of small, medium and large general and specialist clinics, rehabilitation centers, public hospitals and nursing homes.


Reduce Operational Costs
Save monthly on your budget, by cutting the cost of hiring additional employees, office space and time used in your organization.

Serve More Patients
Use the enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity, to ultimately increase the number of patients served per day.

Less Errors
Reduce invoicing and dispensing errors, by turning to the automated way of generating medical invoices and claims.


Areas of Application

General & Specialist Clinics

Private & Public Hospitals

Rehabilitation Centers

Nursing Homes

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